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Friday, March 8, 2013

More from Ellsworth Hill Elementary School...

More from Blue's adventures at
Ellsworth Hill Elementary School
in Hudson, Ohio!
Hudson second graders rock!

Mrs. DiPaola's class with Blue in front of
the school sign!

Blue visits Mrs. Dennis' second graders
during music class!  Check out those drums!!

Blue is quite social today!  Here she is
visiting Ms. Hall's class.

Visiting Mrs. Heller's class!

Blue with Miss Saluan's class!

Blue shows a wardrobe of colors with
Mrs. Catalano-Jones' class!

Blue "tweeting" at the Ellsworth Hill
Media Center with Mrs. Beck's
second graders!

Blue visits Ms. Morris' class!

Blue with all of her fancy hats and
the second graders from
Ms. Lukingbeal's class!

I'm so excited for Thursday,
it's going to be awesome!
Thank you to all the second graders
and teachers at
Ellsworth Hill Elementary School!
I can't wait to meet all of you next week :)

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